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guide to skin


Many changes to the skin, hair and nails can be refined with the help of a dedicated grooming routine for older boys and girls. Mayor Or Naturopath explains how to do it easily



Quite a few changes occur in our bodies after the age of 60. Skin cells change at a slower rate, hormonal balance changes, vitality and skin moisture no longer as before and skin becomes drier, nails thin and split and hair thinner and thinner.


Anyone who has invested and nurtured her body over the years and has been blessed with good gardens is certainly grateful now. But even those not accustomed to a thorough and consistent grooming routine can adopt one that is age-appropriate and nurture a healthy appearance with the help of preparations and supplements, proper makeup and even aesthetic procedures.



5 Tips for Facial and Neck Skin Care

The changes mentioned above can first be seen in the skin - where the first place to notice age and routine is the neck. The skin of the neck is thinner and more delicate than the face and the age marks will see it even before they are seen on the face. Many tend to hide their neck from a certain age due to sagging and sagging skin, many wrinkles and pigmentation spots that tend to appear first in the neck and neck area.


 The main recommendation is to include the neck and cleavage in the daily grooming routine and not neglect. The neck and the cleavage can be preferred to a "richer" cream, but relatively light to the face, where you also want to add makeup without feeling heavy.


 In both cases, it is recommended to choose a cream for sensitive and delicate skin due to the tendency for skin sensitivity and inflammation, which increases with age.


 Preference is given to low-component ingredients and their foundations are as natural as possible, characterized by restorative and sedative components that are recognized and known in the professional literature as suitable for sensitive and mature skin - such as polygonum, jojoba, shea butter, coconut butter, aloe vera and more.


 The choice of synthetic preservatives (parabens) without the addition of odor and color, known as allergens, is of great importance.


 To refresh the appearance of the skin, gentle exfoliation can be performed on the basis of fruit acid - as opposed to granular peeling, which can wear and injure the skin.


This is how you select the appropriate protection factor for your editor

A basic principle is protection throughout the year, winter and summer, at a coefficient that matches your skin tone.


 Be sure to choose antioxidant-rich plant-based extracts of natural oils and oils that protect your skin from free radicals and environmental damages that cause its aging.


 Prefer specialized preparations for sensitive, hypo-allergenic skin and are based on ultra-fine protective filters - they are recommended for daily use.


Recommendations for hair care, eyebrows and eyelashes

About 50% of women aged 50 and over suffer from baldness. While for men it is a phenomenon that is considered masculine and sexy, for women it is the loss and depletion of the hair mass that impairs their personal confidence, self image and sense of vitality.


This experience leads many to look for solutions such as wearing a hat or wig and even hair extensions that can sometimes aggravate the problem, due to long-term shutdowns and "choking" of root hairs or rooting on the root, which is also weakened and now has to carry gravity.


1. Prevention, Care and Treatment You can overlap with a shampoo and conditioner designed for thinning hair, with components that stimulate the root of the hair while massaging and injecting blood into the scalp, so essential to a healthy, strong root.


2. Hair care masks that add volume and a sense of life can help blur thinning appearance. Of course, you can adjust your hairstyle and hair color for a fuller, more lush look.


3. Both the eyebrows and lashes are hair, the lashes shorten and thinning and the eyebrow hair also tends to fall out and become thinning. Sometimes even stops growing in areas where there was a systematic eyebrows.


The good news is that the makeup of eyebrows and eyelashes can be improved and repaired with the help of makeup products - coloring, designing and filling a permanent or disposable eyebrow and applying mascara past and lengthening eyelashes in several layers that improve appearance easily and quickly.


 For the gentle hair care of the eyebrows and eyelashes, natural nutrients such as castor oil or vitamin E can be used in local massage, every evening for strengthening the nourishment and hair restoration.


Special emphasis on the delicate skin around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is sensitive and delicate so it is important to keep an eye cream and not just a regular face cream.


 It is recommended to apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses at every exit from home (and not just during the summer months) not for the purpose of camouflage but to avoid squinting in the face of the sun and thus letting go of the muscles around the eye and expression lines.


 Paired makeup can instantly blur pigmentation spots, and the appearance of tired eyes. But if it is a chronic condition of sagging eyelids, bags under the eyes and prominent spots can be temporarily clarified and delicate to the delicate area by using dedicated masks for this area.


 Consultation with an expert. If the look is tired and significantly impactful, it is recommended to consult with an aesthetic specialist (cosmetologist / surgeon) to see what treatments can be done to improve the appearance.

Highlights for grooming the nails

Our nails too change and grow over the years - they become weaker, peel and crack faster and even yellowish. But compared to the other organs, the nails are the easiest and most fun to cultivate. You can easily clean, sharpen, do manicure and apply nail polish.


1. It is important to apply moisturizer to the hands and around the nails at least twice a day and to women who apply nail polish regularly it is important to make sure that the nails are healthy and intact under the nail and even regularly use a nail reinforcer that helps restore and protect it under the nail as well.


2. The abrasion should be from one side to the other (right to left or vice versa how it rested) and not two and evening. Side-to-side grinding breaks apart the nail fibers and splits it, even if it tends to be healthy and strong.


3. Natural oil. Here, too, every evening smelling and massaging natural oils - jojoba type, vitamin E or castor oil will do wonders for the nail structure, for the skin around it.


4 nutritional components affecting the skin

Today, many already testify to the

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